About Us

Mr. Randle Owner/President UBN

 Mr. Randle has been in the entertainment world since 1990, starting out as VP of Promotion for Alliv Records , a New Orleans based record label, signing a deal with Big Beat records distributed through Atlantic Records and Co Chairman Kraig Kallman, Heading his own promotion company for 7 years , Tendeep  Nation Promotion, and Tendeep Records, Starting  Believers Lifestyle Televison in 2013, and then in 2016 he began to put gears in motion to join the Tikilive  Network  bringing indie programming to the new online global market............... 

Pastor J /Partner/ Executive Producer of BLTV

A testimony that would blow your mind is what is behind the incredible woman , that comes to you every week , bringing you the most powerful and amazing interviews, and the love she has for God's People on BLTV, as Co Producer, and owner of this channel she pushes to bring a look at the Lifestyle of Believers throughout the Globe..

Deetra Randle/ Co Owner/ Producer of " I Rock The Truth"

Mrs. Randle has brought over 15 years of Stage , Scene Directing , along with keeping the entire operation on point spiritually, with her rock solid foundation for the word of God in every program....